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The top 10 reasons why folks don’t create viable businesses!

It amazes me how many people start out with the dreamy idea of being an entrepreneur and working with people to help them in some way. Yet the number of people who don’t fulfill their dreams and only make a minimal living from their business is huge. So why is this?


Figuring out who you are + what you stand for

I want to get very honest with you about my process since I re-launched my business January 2013. The reason I want to share this with you is twofold. First because I feel the numerous changes that I’ve gone through with my website might be confusing, and because I feel there is a huge lesson that can be learned from my journey. One that might seriously change the way you feel about your business and your process.


Feeling a bit beat up by life?

One of the more common feelings I hear expressed by folks these days is that they feel like they’ve taken a beating the past few years. Certainly life has its ups and downs – that’s normal. However – I believe the key to an awesome life is: to recognize and ACCEPT that ebbs and flows do occur AND do our best to structure our lives so that we have the most control over what we can have control of.


How To Do Stuff You Feel Uncomfortable Doing!

So much has already been written about getting out of one’s comfort zone – I’m sure this isn’t a new subject for you. Yet – I bet that you’re still challenged when you have to do something you’re not particularly comfortable with in your business or personal life. I’ve long realized that understanding the inherent worth of something as ultimately positive does not necessarily compel us to action when we are feeling fearful.