How To Do Stuff You Feel Uncomfortable Doing!


So much has already been written about getting out of one’s comfort zone – I’m sure this isn’t a new subject for you. Yet – I bet that you’re still challenged when you have to do something you’re not particularly comfortable with in your business or personal life. I’ve long realized that understanding the inherent worth of something as ultimately positive does not necessarily compel us to action when we are feeling fearful.

That means when you are called to have one of those “difficult” conversations in your life that you know will create a great outcome (in the long run) – it still makes your skin crawl and you hem and haw about taking action and getting it done.

Or when you know you need to speak to more clients on the phone for your business, or finally create that webinar series you’ve been thinking about, or organize that summit you’ve been dreaming about to increase your database – you find 100 other things to do to avoid taking action.

So how do we push beyond our comfort zone and our fear so that we can leave mediocrity behind and embrace our audaciousness?

I need to...First of all it’s important to really get that everything you can be in life is sitting right outside your comfort zone – even if it’s just 2 inches beyond. You already know what you know and have what you have. If you want something different, if you want something more, that means you have to do something more.

I believe the key here is re-framing our relationship with fear. In our society we run from fear and strong emotions. We’ve never been taught to sit with the feeling of fear, breath through our fear, embrace our fear, or even (gasp!) make friends with fear. It’s like a dirty word, something we want to avoid at all costs.

Well I can tell you that people who learn to allow their feelings of fear to bubble up inside of them without having to run – are the ones who are living amazing lives. They’re the ones who take action no matter how scared they feel, no matter how much of a sweat they’re in, or how hard they’re shaking. They simply breath and move forward.

When you make a habit of doing so – you are re-programing and de-sensitizing your system to fear and learning to embrace it. You start to see that every time you walk through your fear something amazing happens! You see your life expanding and opportunities appearing. You start to actually look for challenges because you know the outcome is going to be awesome.

If you’re one of those folks who runs from fear and a good challenge – perhaps NOW is the time to make that re-frame. After all, everything is at stake here – this is your life and your future is in your hands. You have the opportunity to choose mediocrity or audaciousness. What will you chose?

I’d love to know if you’re having a challenge getting stuff done in your life and business that you know needs to be done – but you are avoiding. Post below and let me know!

To your success + audaciousness,

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