Figuring out who you are + what you stand for

I want to get very honest with you about my process
since I re-launched my business January 2013.

The reason I want to share this with you is twofold.

First because I feel the numerous changes that I’ve gone through with my website might be confusing, and because I feel there is a huge lesson that can be learned from my journey. One that might seriously change the way you feel about your business and your process.

You may or may not know that I trained with don Miguel Ruiz author of The Four Agreements for 8 years, taught his work for 10 years and wrote a book on the subject (The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom). I truly enjoyed that experience with all my heart.

However as time went on I realized I didn’t want to be a spiritual teacher per se, but instead take all of my life experience and turn it into something that deeply reflected what I love the most – which is helping people create their dream life in the most practical way.

So this is how it went down and I know many of you will be able to relate to this. In January 2013 I launched my new website with the theme being “Awaken Your Inner Alchemist.” I was very excited, got out there and did a few sponsorships at big events – like Suzanne Evan’s – Be The Change, and Lisa Sasavich’s – Speak to Sell. Honestly those events were two of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.

Not because doing a sponsorship is hard – but because no one got what alchemy was or what I was “selling” or talking about. Argggg. I spent a lot of money to find out that people really didn’t resonate with the whole idea – some did, but something wasn’t right. So I decided to talk to a branding person. That was an interesting experience!

Lesson number 1:

Do not go to a branding person until you are really clear about what you want your brand to be, who you are, and what you stand for. Unless the person you are going to is the kind of person that helps you actually figure out who you are – and there is a huge difference.

So now it’s late summer 2013 and I redo the website again to it’s most recent iteration – “Your Rx to Success” which was definitely fun, playing off the fact that I am a doctor. But there was something not quite right about that either and I started to feel a little depressed about it – like I was looking at an aspect of myself but not the whole of me.

I still couldn’t get a grip on what the concept was that would pull everything I stand for under one heading – so to speak. Until I had a conversation with one of my friends from my JV Circle group. For the first time I felt like someone got me and what I was trying to say. So much so that we ended up doing a mini-intensive together and really hashed out the why – why am I doing this and who am I?

Lesson number 2:

Don’t give up on yourself or your dream. Birthing yourself is a process. You may not have the exact answer when you decide to launch your business – BUT LAUNCH ANYWAY. Please. If you wait until you have it “right” you will never do it. Seriously. Clarity only comes from engagement, from action-reaction, from life itself.

I mean this with all my heart – get out there and start someplace. Most people end up changing their positioning several times before they become really well known in their niche. Most of us only see those folks that are well-known and we admire their “stuff” but we don’t think about how many years they’ve been at it honing their message, positioning, their why, and who they are in the world.

Sheri Rosenthal

I’ve watched Mario Forleo evolve over the years – and it’s fascinating to see. The same with Suzanne Evans, Darla LeDoux, Shanta Sumpter, and many other coaches out there. But this goes for any business. How many times have you seen big brands change their positioning or branding – even good old Starbucks (Google the original Starbucks logo to see what I mean)?

So now who am I and what do I stand for?

[arrows style=”arrow-silver-1.png” align=”center”]

I stand for the right for every human to live an audacious life. To stop feeling trapped by jobs, relationships, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve them and are holding them back from being everything they can be in this lifetime. To be free to create the business of their dreams, to travel, to explore the world, to have supportive amazing relationships, to be healthy and happy, to have time freedom, to learn deeply about themselves, to honor themselves spiritually, to give back, to serve the world in a huge way, to get their message out there, and to stop playing small.

Who am I?

I’m the Queen of Audaciousness and all my programs, products, and trips help people attain that audacious lifestyle.

So what can you look forward to?

  • By-monthly calls where we hang out together and I chat for a bit and answer your questions.
  • Upcoming “30 Day Challenge to Banish Overwhelm!” (You can’t have an audacious life if you’re overwhelmed.)
  • Upcoming “How to Create + Run a Retreat You Love + Get Paid for It” 6 week online course. (This is going to be amazing!)
  • More retreats and journeys.
  • Videos will be coming back.
  • The Bodacious Business Blueprint: a special program to help you slowly (without overwhelm) unfold your business and monetize your dream. (If you’re interested let me know).
  • Vivacious Life Design: VIP days or 3 day intensives to whip your life back into shape, get you excited and definitely get you out of your trap.
  • I’m open to creating whatever would serve you best. 🙂

I know this was a long post – but I hope that my experience helps you and I welcome you to post your thoughts below. I’d love to know if this helped you in any way in your own process and what you think.

To your audacious life,

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