Monthly Archives: April 2013

Do You Have Fear of Taking Chances?

I was skimming through an issue of O magazine recently and the results of an interesting poll they took of their readers. The poll asked: What would you do if you had no fear? They posted quite a few of the reader’s responses which had me feeling – sad. In fact it was rather heart-breaking.

There were around a dozen lovely women who had all kinds of dreams that they fettered away due to some fear-based thought forms that they were allowing to control their lives.


Cultivating Your Inner Guru!

Most folks just love a good inspirational speaker. There’s nothing like listening to a Tony Robbins type of person and getting all revved up, excited about life and what we’re capable of creating. He’s great to listen to isn’t he?

But what if it wasn’t necessary to go outside of ourselves for that inspiration – what if we could access our inner infinite well of truth, wisdom and inspiration?


How’s Your Financial Karma?

I wanted to share something with you that you probably don’t know about me. Back in 1999 I had it with my life. I was over practicing medicine but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do – or for that matter what I could do. I wasn’t sure after practicing medicine exclusively since 1983 […]

Does Your Business Need a Girdle?

It used to be back in the 50’s that a woman would never dream of leaving the house without a good foundation and solid underpinnings under her dress. Well – your business works in the exact same way. I personally would not dream of creating a sustainable business without having a solid foundation to build […]

What Direction is Your Business Going In?

Sheri here – just checking in to see how you’re doing. I have a question for you today. Do you have clarity on the direction you want your business to go? Real clarity? I’m asking this because most entrepreneurs have a ton of ideas regarding what they would like to create and accomplish but no […]