Cultivating Your Inner Guru!

Hawaii Spiritual Retreat

Most folks just love a good inspirational speaker. There’s nothing like listening to a Tony Robbins type of person and getting all revved up, excited about life and what we’re capable of creating. He’s great to listen to isn’t he?

But what if it wasn’t necessary to go outside of ourselves for that inspiration – what if we could access our inner infinite well of truth, wisdom and inspiration?

Inside every human being is an incredible source of power and wonderment waiting to be tapped and accessed. Yet, we ignore that pool of perfection and instead look outside of ourselves as if someone else knows better what’s actually best for us.

Crazy right?

Of course there’s a difference between getting help to assist us in learning how access our inner wisdom – and paying someone else to tell us what’s best for us.

None of us need a guru when we already have one – the key is cultivating a practice to be able to HEAR our inner guru.

To me that’s what spiritual practice is all about.

But so often we get confused between our internal dialogue and the deep pool of wisdom that’s ever present within that does NOT speak with words. Your inner guru lives in the space between the words – the place of feeling and knowing – not the place of words and the emotional reactions we experience when we listen to those words and thoughts.

So how do we access the place between the words when it’s hard enough to quiet the mind for even two minutes?!  A great practice I personally love, is to focus deeply on an issue you’d like clarity on right before you go to sleep. This is a technique I use all the time and in fact I wrote all of my books using this exact method.

I’d go to sleep with the topic of my next chapter clearly visioned in my intent and then as soon as I awoke I’d start writing. It works like a charm!

While we’re sleeping we have a clearer connection with source because we aren’t attached to the constant flow of thought forms that normally hooks our attention during the day.  When we’re sleeping we don’t care about that yapping voice – it seems to pass through us without the same kind of focus we give it during the day.

That voice is always trying to masquerade as our inner guru but it’s not truth.

Once you understand that your truth does NOT speak with concepts you’ll never be fooled by your internal dialogue again. All that voice is – is a compilation of all the information you’ve taken in mentally over a lifetime.

You have a mind but you are not your mind.

So – by setting your intent before bed and focusing deeply on your question as you drift into sleep – this allows you to open to the answers you’re seeking from a place of deep authenticity. Otherwise we get caught up in the judgment our mind puts forth and life becomes a problem to be solved.

When we listen to the heart it’s about getting clear direction – which is the exact opposite of the back and forth battle of pros and cons our mind normally gets caught up in.

It’s time to start cultivating our inner guru as that’s the source of all creation, wonder, and self-inspiration. Doing so is the ultimate act of self-love and self-respect.

Of course there’s always a place for a wonderfully inspiring talk – I admit, I love to hear an amazing story myself. But in the end we all must learn to trust and love ourselves and ultimately that’s the main challenge of our spiritual path.

I’d love to know what you feel about today’s chat.

Do you have a practice for connecting to your inner guru and your source of deep inspiration?

Don’t forget to post below and let me know what you’ve learned!

To your audacious life,

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