Monthly Archives: April 2013

Do you React, Resist or Ignore Life?

So much out there is vying to hook our attention – if we’re going to have the kind of lives we’re been dreaming of – we’re going to have to be more attentive to what we allow or refuse into our lives.

Normally the mind automatically narrows down the amount of input we receive based on past experience – in other words we’ve trained our minds (mostly without awareness) to decide what we should and shouldn’t focus on.


Are You Time-blocking Your Creative & Linear Activities?

One of the most crucial things that every business needs is a weekly plan. By that I mean a time-blocked work-sheet kind of plan. In other words you’re making a commitment to yourself that no matter what happens you’ve blocked quiet time to achieve certain tasks. For example, that might mean setting aside two hours […]

Clear on Your Target Audience?

Hope you’re enjoying incorporating all you’ve learned and following up on all the leads, business cards and information that’s been shared with you. I don’t know about you – but I’m one of those folks that likes to suck every drop out of every adventure I have in life. So here’s a question for you […]

Is Your Personal Style In Alignment With Your Business Style?

In creating our businesses, most folks know they need a logo and a nice looking business card – but that’s just a small piece of that exclusive vibe that represents who you are as a person in the world. The image you put forth needs to personify YOU – and everything about who you are […]

Did You Survive the Excitement?

Whew! Did you survive the whirlwind energy high of the event? Honestly – it takes me weeks to recover from the impact of all I’ve learned. And I get so excited by all the awesome people I’ve had the opportunity to connect with – like yourself. So I have a question for you. Did you […]