Is Your Personal Style In Alignment With Your Business Style?

In creating our businesses, most folks know they need a logo and a nice looking business card – but that’s just a small piece of that exclusive vibe that represents who you are as a person in the world.

The image you put forth needs to personify YOU – and everything about who you are – your message, your mission, even your Facebook page – it all needs to be in alignment with how you look, your clothes and your personal style.

I know you have a message, a service or a product you need to share in the world – and a great talent to go along with it. But I can tell you that if your personal style and branding doesn’t align with your message – people won’t be attracted to you because it will not come across as authentic.

Let me explain because there’s some science behind what I’m saying.

The human mind is always searching for alignment and truth. It senses it and is attracted to what it feels is truth and is repelled by what it feels is not truth. Why? Because we want safety and we feel safe in an honest and truthful environment.

So if you’re putting yourself forth as someone that’s successful in business and you look shlumpy or behind the times (and your website looks the same) – what will be the initial feeling that people will receive from that?

They’ll hear your message, but their mind won’t be able to find alignment between what they’re hearing and what they’re seeing physically and online.

It’s critical that your persona match your business (and vise versa!)…

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I have a dear friend that has 18 acres of land in the mountains of north Georgia and has a glamping business (glamorous camping if you haven’t heard of it before). She used to be a merchandiser and is very creative and wanted to create a new business and lifestyle for herself out of the city. She put the most amazing decorative Indian tents (with little mirrors, bright stripes and colors) on platforms on her property with beautiful down-blankets on the beds, incredible breakfasts, compostable toilets, and darling showers in the tents.
The Martyn House
When you meet her she’s not wearing heels and fashionable attire. She’s often barefoot, wearing a long flowing skirt and retro apron. Can you picture it? Immediately you have to smile at the whole universe and beautiful dream this woman has created – it all works perfectly and is in absolute alignment. You feel her authenticity and genuineness and can’t leave her website or property without booking a weekend.

**FYI: visit

And so it needs to be the same for you.

Ask yourself honestly if you need a style and branding update and if your presentation is in alignment with your authentic self. If it is you’ll be successful because people will feel your genuineness and want to work with you. If not, you’re going to confuse people and you know what they say in business – a confused customer never buys.

So I’m curious about your experience with this – please post below and let me know what you think! And if you need any help with your personal image – let me know, I’d love to help!

Signing off – Here’s to peace, power + personal alchemy.

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