What Direction is Your Business Going In?

Sheri here – just checking in to see how you’re doing. I have a question for you today.

Do you have clarity on the direction you want your business to go?

Real clarity?

I’m asking this because most entrepreneurs have a ton of ideas regarding what they would like to create and accomplish but no clear action plan as to how to make that happen.

What often happens is that we get caught up in minute activities that aren’t really going to accomplish our goals – but they do keep us busy. I’ve learned that taking imperfect action in life is the key – but as an obsessive-compulsive type of person, the initial suggestion of taking action in my business without it being perfect was rather aberrant to me.

I don’t know if you feel the same way – but what I’ve learned is that you have to start somewhere and whether you are upleveling from an income of 3 figures to breaking the million dollar mark – or if you’re just putting up your first website – without a plan and a set of definitive steps to get there that you’re actually willing to commit to – it’s simply human nature to get caught up in activities that are more management orientated rather than income producing.

So take a minute to think about this.

Do you have your year planned out with your launches (if you have products and programs) – or growth steps delineated so that there’s no question as to what you’re doing and when?

If not, consider my suggestion – I promise the rewards will be well worth it. And do post below and let me know what you’re doing!

Signing off – Here’s to peace, power + personal alchemy.


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