Monthly Archives: June 2013

Leaning Into Life – Live Boldly + Fully Engaged!

Back in the day I had a horrific fear of heights and so the idea of skiing was aberrant – considering you have to go up a mountain to be able to ski down it. I approached this task like most things in life back then – with focused determination (back then you have to realize that I saw everything as if it was a medical residency program to be overcome rather than life to be experienced).


Your Thoughts Are None of Your Business!

Most of us depend on our thinking or internal dialogue to answer the day to day questions and issues in our lives. But as we expand our consciousness we come to learn to trust the messages that come from our heart and inner knowing – by that I mean the wisdom that comes as a direct download and has no words.

But until that happens – how do we deal with the thoughts that we hear day in and day out that often have us making unhealthy decisions and taking problematic actions – like procrastinating for example. Something many of us tend to do, right?


Is Your Business Built on a Strong Foundation?

It used to be back in the 50’s that a woman would never dream of leaving the house without a good foundation and solid underpinnings under her dress. Well – your business works in the exact same way. I personally would not dream of creating a sustainable business without having a solid foundation to build upon! It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs I’ve talked to that are making 3 figures or more that are not some type of corporation or LLC with a tax ID number. You look like a business when you’re structured like a business rather than a fly-by-night type of firm.


Got Confusion Around Your Target Audience?

Are you clear on your target audience – the type of person that you’re looking to serve? Even if you’re not new and have been in business a while – and even if you’re earning big money – that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re clear on who your audience is. And that lack of clarity always ends up being an issue on one level or another.