Your Thoughts Are None of Your Business!

Most of us depend on our thinking or internal dialogue to answer the day to day questions and issues in our lives. But as we expand our consciousness we come to learn to trust the messages that come from our heart and inner knowing – by that I mean the wisdom that comes as a direct download and has no words.

But until that happens – how do we deal with the thoughts that we hear day in and day out that often have us making unhealthy decisions and taking problematic actions – like procrastinating for example? Something many of us tend to do, right?

First and foremost it’s important to realize that our thoughts are not who we are.

We have a mind but we’re not our mind. And although many of us understand this from an intellectual point of view – we haven’t actualized that concept in our lives.

It’s critical to understand that our thinking is limited by nature since it only reflects the totality of what has been downloaded into our program since our birth. So in the end we can only know what we know – nothing more, nothing less.

However – all true creativity comes from pure consciousness as it comes through each of us.

A well trained mind, one that functions as an assistant rather than a saboteur – can translate that creativity into inspired action. At least that is how it works when we are in control of our mind instead our mind being in control of us!

During the time I studied as an apprentice with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, I had a very profound and life changing experience. For three days my mind was absolutely silent – I didn’t have any thoughts. What I realized during that time was that I could function perfectly without thinking. I knew exactly what I wanted without having to think about it – and I realized so did everyone else. That state of presence is how children are before we teach them to have internal dialogue.

When a little kid opens the kitchen cabinet and starts pulling out all the pots it knows exactly what it wants. It wants to explore as that is it’s true nature to be curious. Same with animals – when my mom’s little Yorkie wants to sit on my lap it doesn’t have the ability to think that thought as it has no concepts – it just knows. Both children and animals don’t have an attachment to abstract concepts and so they’re totally in the moment and absolutely authentic.

Learning not to take your own thought forms personally is an art – but well worth it if you want to train your mind to assist you rather than sabotage you as I mentioned earlier.

Making room in your life to just be in a quiet place for a while, to let your swirling thoughts calm down, is a great first step to getting clarity and allowing your own deep knowing to manifest itself.

So I’m curious what you think about the idea of your thoughts not being your business! How do you cultivate your inner knowing? What methods do you use in your life to quiet your mind? Don’t forget to share because what you do could change someone’s life.

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