Got Confusion Around Your Target Audience?

I cannot tell you how many folks I know that are in the process of transition right now. All kinds of transition – like divorce, kids leaving home, companies downsizing, and even starting a business for the first time later in life!

So if you’re one of those deciding to create your dream business – this will be a great day to listen in, but even if you’ve had a business for a while – don’t tune out as I’m going to share some important information with you.

I want to start off with a question for you today.

So here goes: Are you clear on your target audience – the type of person that you’re looking to serve? Even if you’re not new and have been in business a while – and even if you’re earning big money – that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re clear on who your audience is. And that lack of clarity always ends up being an issue on one level or another.

For example, if you’re a coach – it’s not enough to say you coach business women. I would have to ask you for example: what age group do you want to coach, are they spiritually-minded or it does it matter, do these women own a certain type of business, are these women with children at home. Goodness – we could drill down to get the clearest picture of who your client is.

But let’s say you’re not a coach. For example, I used to be a podiatrist. Back then I asked myself – what kind of practice do I want? It’s not enough to say I want a large practice. Who doesn’t? But I know I don’t appeal to all people.

It was important to define the type of patient I was interested in treating and create my marketing in a way that would attract that exact person. For me that meant a person who held my particular ideas about health. In other words, a patient who just wanted a pill to cure them, were not my ideal client.

That said – there are some businesses that are NOT targeted at a particular demographic – but instead on a group of people who share your personal philosophy, belief system, set of values or passions. And if that’s the case in your business – then start focusing on those aspects instead of trying to pigeonhole your clients into one type of demographic.

Sometimes actual experience ends up determining what that is for us.

In other words, we start in one direction and find out that we’re not enjoying that segment of the population the way we thought we would. Well fine. No worries – simply re-adjust, re-frame, and move on. Only experience can determine whether we’re going to enjoy something – or not.

That’s why in the end we have to choose a direction and move forward even if we’re not 100% certain. Since our universe works on the principles of action-reaction you must take action to get the information you need to proceed.

Why? Because engagement creates clarity.

If you take ”imperfect action” (that means you get out there and start your business even if you’re not sure of every little thing) – you’ll begin to have more and more clarity about your target audience from a place of authenticity –  and that my friends is the way to create a tribe you’ll love.

And last but not least – always take action without judgment because it’s not about right or wrong, but rather – it’s about what you enjoy or don’t enjoy and that’s VERY personal.

So what if you end up changing direction 5 times – who cares? Better you do that than stay in a niche you don’t find fulfilling – right? Right!

So having shared this little diatribe – if there’s anything I can do for you to assist you in getting clear about your target audience – let me know.

And if you have any thoughts about what I’ve shared today post them below – I’d love to hear from you!

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