Are You Time-blocking Your Creative & Linear Activities?

One of the most crucial things that every business needs is a weekly plan. By that I mean a time-blocked work-sheet kind of plan. In other words you’re making a commitment to yourself that no matter what happens you’ve blocked quiet time to achieve certain tasks.

For example, that might mean setting aside two hours – two or three times a week in the morning to write content for your videos, articles and newsletters. It should be the same time every week so that your subconscious mind knows you’re going to go into creative mode during that time.

Now this is critical: Never schedule creative tasks and linear tasks in the same time period and always schedule creative tasks first in the day.


Because it’s difficult for the mind to jump from left-brain activities to right-brain activities with great effectiveness.

You’re better off scheduling creative endeavors one day and linear ones on another day.

So maybe two days of the week you’re creative and two days linear. Or if you can’t do that – at least start each day creative or right-brained and then segway into linear or left-brained activities if that feels better to you.

If you’re not sure what I mean by linear just to be clear – I mean doing technical work on your website, anything with HTML code, accounting, calendar planning, JV calls, learning a new computer task like your autoresponder, membership program software, Optimize Press, etc.

If you create a time-blocked calendar I promise you’ll get massive amounts of work done in a really short period of time. Do not depend on coming up with a daily schedule in the moment – I’ll bet money that it won’t work.

All super productive people have systems in place that allow them to get their books written and create their products – even when life seems to be going haywire.

If you’re waiting for your life to calm down to get a schedule in place – you might be waiting until St. Peter calls your name at the pearly gates!

Life’s always crazy and the only way to be productive and creative is if you set aside some non-negotiable time every week NOT ONLY to get your work done – but to rest and rejuvenate yourself.

Even if that’s only one hour a week to take a quiet bath with fragrant bath oils and a soft candle.

So take a moment to let me know if you have a system in place to get your creative work done.

Whatever you post will be helpful to everyone so please don’t be shy.

Signing off – Here’s to peace, power + personal alchemy.

Clear on Your Target Audience?

Hope you’re enjoying incorporating all you’ve learned and following up on all the leads, business cards and information that’s been shared with you. I don’t know about you – but I’m one of those folks that likes to suck every drop out of every adventure I have in life.

So here’s a question for you today.

Are you clear on your target audience? I don’t mean to bore you but it’s amazing how even folks who are earning big money are not clear on who their audience is. And that lack of clarity is always an issue on one level or another.

For example, if you’re a coach – it’s not enough to say you coach business women. I would have to ask you for example: what age group do you want to coach, are they spiritually-minded or it does it matter, do these women own a certain type of business, are these women with children at home. Goodness – we could drill down to get the clearest picture of who your client is.

But let’s say you’re not a coach. For example, I used to be a podiatrist. Back then I asked myself – what kind of practice do I want? It’s not enough to say I want a large practice. Who doesn’t? But I know I don’t appeal to all people. It was important to define the type of patient I was interested in treating and create my marketing in a way that would attract that exact person. For me that meant a person who held my particular ideas about health. In other words, a patient who just wanted a pill to cure them, were not my ideal client.

That said – there are some businesses that are NOT targeted at a particular demographic – but instead on a group of people who share your personal philosophy, belief system, set of values or passions. And if that’s the case in your business – then start focusing on those aspects instead of trying to pigeonhole your clients into one type of demographic.

Sometimes actual experience ends up determining what that is for us. In other words, we start in one direction and find out that we’re not enjoying that segment of the population the way we thought we would. Well fine.

No worries – simply re-adjust, re-frame, and move on.

Only experience can determine whether we’re going to enjoy something – or not.

That’s why in the end we have to choose a direction and move forward even if we’re not 100% certain. Since our universe works on the principles of action-reaction you must take action to get the information you need to proceed.

Why? Because engagement creates clarity.

If you take ”imperfect action” (that means you get out there and start your business even if you’re not sure of every little thing) – you’ll begin to have more and more clarity about your target audience from a place of authenticity – and that my friends is the way to create a tribe you’ll love.

And last but not least – always take action without judgment because it’s not about right or wrong, but rather – it’s about what you enjoy or don’t enjoy and that’s VERY personal. So what if you end up changing direction 5 times – who cares? Better you do that than stay in a niche you don’t find fulfilling – right? Right!

So having shared this little diatribe – if there’s anything I can do for you to assist you in getting clear about your target audience – let me know.

And if you have any thoughts about what I’ve shared today post them below – I’d love to hear from you!

Signing off – Here’s to peace, power + personal alchemy.

Is Your Personal Style In Alignment With Your Business Style?

In creating our businesses, most folks know they need a logo and a nice looking business card – but that’s just a small piece of that exclusive vibe that represents who you are as a person in the world.

The image you put forth needs to personify YOU – and everything about who you are – your message, your mission, even your Facebook page – it all needs to be in alignment with how you look, your clothes and your personal style.

I know you have a message, a service or a product you need to share in the world – and a great talent to go along with it. But I can tell you that if your personal style and branding doesn’t align with your message – people won’t be attracted to you because it will not come across as authentic.

Let me explain because there’s some science behind what I’m saying.

The human mind is always searching for alignment and truth. It senses it and is attracted to what it feels is truth and is repelled by what it feels is not truth. Why? Because we want safety and we feel safe in an honest and truthful environment.

So if you’re putting yourself forth as someone that’s successful in business and you look shlumpy or behind the times (and your website looks the same) – what will be the initial feeling that people will receive from that?

They’ll hear your message, but their mind won’t be able to find alignment between what they’re hearing and what they’re seeing physically and online.

It’s critical that your persona match your business (and vise versa!)…

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I have a dear friend that has 18 acres of land in the mountains of north Georgia and has a glamping business (glamorous camping if you haven’t heard of it before). She used to be a merchandiser and is very creative and wanted to create a new business and lifestyle for herself out of the city. She put the most amazing decorative Indian tents (with little mirrors, bright stripes and colors) on platforms on her property with beautiful down-blankets on the beds, incredible breakfasts, compostable toilets, and darling showers in the tents.
The Martyn House
When you meet her she’s not wearing heels and fashionable attire. She’s often barefoot, wearing a long flowing skirt and retro apron. Can you picture it? Immediately you have to smile at the whole universe and beautiful dream this woman has created – it all works perfectly and is in absolute alignment. You feel her authenticity and genuineness and can’t leave her website or property without booking a weekend.

**FYI: visit

And so it needs to be the same for you.

Ask yourself honestly if you need a style and branding update and if your presentation is in alignment with your authentic self. If it is you’ll be successful because people will feel your genuineness and want to work with you. If not, you’re going to confuse people and you know what they say in business – a confused customer never buys.

So I’m curious about your experience with this – please post below and let me know what you think! And if you need any help with your personal image – let me know, I’d love to help!

Signing off – Here’s to peace, power + personal alchemy.

Did You Survive the Excitement?

Whew! Did you survive the whirlwind energy high of the event? Honestly – it takes me weeks to recover from the impact of all I’ve learned. And I get so excited by all the awesome people I’ve had the opportunity to connect with – like yourself.

So I have a question for you.

Did you get what you needed? The reason I’m asking is because for many folks the event is so crazy and the three days fly by so fast that when they come down from the high – they just aren’t sure if they really accomplished what they came for.

What’s interesting to me is that many people come thinking they know why they’re attending – but once they’re there – they realize it’s so much more than that. If that’s you – no worries, that’s the magic of these kinds of events and of the combined energy of a group of awesome people.

The key now is to make sure you’re all set to move forward and have a clear plan of action in place and the support to do so. Hopefully you’re taking advantage of all the sponsors have to offer you – so take the time to enjoy those benefits, sessions, freebees – relax into them, and see who you resonate most deeply with and who has the information and services best suited to help take you to your next level of success.

I find that I take advice and help from those I feel I best align with. Of course all of us are like that.

Every one of the sponsors has programs and products you can utilize – of course, that’s why we as sponsors come to these events – to share our best talents and gifts with you. Use your inner knowing and heart to determine who will serve you best. And in the end that might be several people. That’s how it was for me.

I encourage you to take action despite any fear, nervousness or uncertainty you might have. The winds of change are upon us and this year is the beginning of a new cycle of time and YOU are on the cusp of creating something amazing!

So that said – I look forward to chatting with you at your upcoming clarity session.

You don’t have one booked?

Okay no worries – there’s a link below if you’re interested – simply click it and you can make an appointment with me from there. I’m soooooo looking forward to it!

Here’s to peace, power + personal alchemy.

Thank you for stopping by!

Sheri Rosenthal here – just wanted to say a big thank you for dropping your card off at my booth today!

Is this an amazing event or what???

To get the most out of your experience – I recommend you take the time to slow down, talk to people, make connections, exchange business cards, and above all – visit all the wonderful sponsors, like myself!

We’re all passionate about this event and helping you on your journey to creating an awesome, fulfilling, passionate, lovely life, and business for yourself.

Trust in yourself, your heart, and your inner guidance – and this amazing event could be the turning point in your life that you’ve been dreaming of!

So signing off for now – and don’t forget to come visit me for a prescription for clarity if you haven’t already.

That’s doctor’s orders!