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Compassion and Inner Peace in Business + Life

As entrepreneurs and creators we are often devoid of inner peace and extremely tough on ourselves. Compassion is often found simmering on the back-burner with fear, frustration, indecision, and doubt boiling furiously front and center.


What Are Your Entrepreneurial Values?

This week I was flipping through the stations one evening and I came across the History Channel’s series – The Men Who Built America. I definitely learned some things I did not know before – things that were both uplifting and upsetting to hear. The series highlighted the lives of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Cornelius Vanderbilt.

It made me sit and think about the way that I feel about being an entrepreneur, my values, and most importantly the level of consciousness I choose to function at.


Don’t Take the Hook – It’s the Road to Ruin!

It’s important to understand that attention is the mechanism we use to create our reality – whether it is one of peace or suffering. The ability to focus our attention is the one of the few things in life we can actually control. We choose what we want to see and what we don’t want to see in any situation.


The Art of Nourishment – Are You Dead or Alive?

I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been really enjoying this year – and that’s juicing. I imagine some of you are already doing so – but I also am thinking that many of you out there have been wanting to give it a try but don’t know how OR you think it’s a bunch of who-ha.


Leaning Into Life – Live Boldly + Fully Engaged!

Back in the day I had a horrific fear of heights and so the idea of skiing was aberrant – considering you have to go up a mountain to be able to ski down it. I approached this task like most things in life back then – with focused determination (back then you have to realize that I saw everything as if it was a medical residency program to be overcome rather than life to be experienced).