Compassion and Inner Peace in Business + Life

One of my favorite authors and spiritual teachers is an amazing Vietnamese Buddhist monk named Thich Nhat Hanh.  In case you didn’t know, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967 having been nominated for the award by Martin Luther King Jr. He believes strongly in peace and has lectured extensively on how we can choose to spiritually respond to violence in the world especially the 9/11 incidences.

I wanted to share this short snippet with you not because I feel like rehashing anything about 9/11 – but simply to make sure we learn the highest lesson from our experience. To be able to apply what we’ve learned to both the current situation in Syria and the Middle East – and into our daily lives.

“What is the “right action” to take with regard to responding to terrorist attacks? Should we seek justice through military action? Through judicial processes? Is military action and/or retaliation justified if it can prevent future innocents from being killed?”

All violence is injustice. The fire of hatred and violence cannot be extinguished by adding more hatred and violence to the fire. The only antidote to violence is compassion. And what is compassion made of? It is made of understanding. When there is no understanding, how can we feel compassion, how can we begin to relieve the great suffering that is there? So understanding is the very real foundation upon which we build our compassion…

There are people who want one thing only: revenge. In the Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha said that by using hatred to answer hatred, there will only be an escalation of hatred. But if we use compassion to embrace those who have harmed us, it will greatly diffuse the bomb in our hearts and in theirs…”

As entrepreneurs and creators we are often devoid of inner peace and extremely tough on ourselves. Compassion is often found simmering on the back-burner with fear, frustration, indecision, and doubt boiling furiously front and center. We are most successful in life when our creative channel is open and that is rarely the case when we are being judgmental and lacking compassion for our process.

For me, inner peace and compassion starting with the deep understanding of ourselves is critical. Some days I am fabulous at achieving this and on others days – not so much. 🙂

But I always come back to this questionhow do I want to be treated in this life? And the answer is always with love and compassion – the same way all humans want to be treated. And the best person to set that precedence is me, starting with myself.

So I ask you – how do you want to be treated in this life and what kind of precedence are you setting to allow that happen? So post below and let me know what you’re thinking.

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‘Till next time …

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