The 6 Elements of Success

Life is WAY too short – even with us living longer and healthier lives. Too short to be living a life of mediocrity – that’s for sure.

If you’re here, I bet you’re like me – successful in life but looking for something more (well, perhaps successful to others standards but NOT to yours).

And if I had to guess, I’d say that you’re looking for…

Greater financial freedom, more time to enjoy yourself, fulfilling relationships (both personally and professionally), a healthier body and mind, the ability to travel the world, quality time with family and friends, and a sense of deep meaning, passion and purpose.

Am I right?

If so it’s time to turn up the fire and live life to the fullest.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve identified 6 elements of success — 6 focal points for people craving a life of audaciousness + bold adventure.

Why six?

Because without these six elements we aren’t living a holistic life.

Without clarity and vision we’re unfocused, going nowhere fast.
Without passion, purpose and inner fire, we feel burnt-out and bored.
Without a healthy body, we can’t perform optimally in our life & business.
Without the proper environment to recharge and rejuvenate, we lose our mojo.
Without an outer image that is authentic and bold, we appear ordinary and bland.
And without deep connections, spirituality, service, and heart, life has no meaning.

 So if you’re feeling any of the above – it’s time to take action right now (doctor’s orders)!

Only you know the symptoms showing up in your life – so let’s chat about your Rx for success.


Challenging ourselves to greater consciousness, fresh perspectives, innovative thought, vision and clarity.
Ask yourself: “Do I have a constantly expanding view of life — or just a narrow perspective?”


Unleashing our inner fire, creativity, unique expression, passion and purpose.
Ask yourself: “Am I cultivating an extraordinary life – or one of mediocrity?”


Enhancing our physicality, energy, nourishment, sensuality and pleasure.
Ask yourself: “What makes me feel strong, confident + unstoppable?”


Practicing the art of unplugging, grounding, simplifying, recharging and rejuvenating.
Ask yourself: “How can I make my home a “no drama zone” and my sacred space?”


Cultivating our best image, presentation, messaging, self-expression and dazzle.
Ask yourself: “What story do I want to tell with my style + attire?”


Opening to a higher level of connection, spirituality, service, philanthropy and heart.
Ask yourself: “How can I nourish my heart & soul — every single day?”

Here’s to a remarkable life…