Webinar: Are You Ready to Stop Taking it Personally?


  • Are you OVER being pissed-off by the words and actions of others?
  • Does it aggravate you when someone’s insults push your buttons?
  • Are you ready to get off the emotional roller coaster of life?
  • Have you had it with carrying around anger from old altercations?
  • Tired of being stymied by your own insulting or fearful internal dialogue?

What do these questions all have in common?

Don't Take it Personally!Simple.

They’re all symptoms of a person
who’s tired of taking life personally!

Fortunately it IS possible to live life totally immune to what other people do and say and ultimately become immune even to your own thought forms – especially the ones that sabotage you in your personal relationships, your business life, and stop you from being all you can be in this lifetime.

In this webinar I’ll share situations that will clearly illustrate how to stop taking stuff personally right now – and help you live a happier, more peaceful, and centered life.

Sheri, who should attend this webinar?

Anyone who’s tired of getting upset by the actions and words of others – and tired of carrying around resentments.

If you’re ready to learn how to be happier in life and create
more fulfilling relationships both at home and at work –
you’re in the right place.

Okay – so what am I going to learn?

By the end of this powerful webinar:

  • You’ll know what “not taking it personally” means and how you
    can apply that concept in your life to free yourself from anger
    and resentment.
  • You’ll understand WHY “not taking it personally” is the only
    way to find your inner peace and emotional center regardless
    of what others do and say.
  • You’ll know how to take action so that no one can victimize you
    again (do you really like feeling like others can push your buttons?).


It’s time to not only stop taking every one in your life personally –
but also stop taking your own negative thoughts personally!

And that’s a serious benefit.

Imagine if you understood on the deepest level that other
people live in their own dream and it has nothing to
do with you

You wouldn’t get upset if your boss treated you poorly,
your partner snapped at you, or your mother-in-law told you
that you’re an idiot.

It wouldn’t matter if someone cut you off in traffic, robbed you,
or even had an affair on you.


Imagine not taking things personally and retaining your
even if others were conspiring to take it away or the
world was going to hell in a hand basket!

You’d have emotional immunity and finally get off the emotional
rollercoaster that’s draining your personal power, clarity, and energy.

Well that’s EXACTLY what we’re going address. Want in?


Yes! What do I need to do to join in?


Register RIGHT Now To Secure Your Seat +
Mark Your Calendar For
Thursday June 27th @ 8pm EST/5pm PST

Want to stop taking it personally? Reserve your place now!

I’ll be talking for about 40 minutes and then answering questions for about 20 minutes – so bring your best conundrums!

This webinar will be taking place on the web.

Keep in mind that I only have space for 20 people to call in (if you can’t get in front of the computer at that time). As you can imagine those spots will go fast so I suggest you call in early or plan to get yourself in front of a computer if that’s your situation.

See you there!