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Do You Have Fear of Taking Chances?

I was skimming through an issue of O magazine recently and the results of an interesting poll they took of their readers. The poll asked: What would you do if you had no fear? They posted quite a few of the reader’s responses which had me feeling – sad. In fact it was rather heart-breaking.

There were around a dozen lovely women who had all kinds of dreams that they fettered away due to some fear-based thought forms that they were allowing to control their lives.


Do you React, Resist or Ignore Life?

So much out there is vying to hook our attention – if we’re going to have the kind of lives we’re been dreaming of – we’re going to have to be more attentive to what we allow or refuse into our lives.

Normally the mind automatically narrows down the amount of input we receive based on past experience – in other words we’ve trained our minds (mostly without awareness) to decide what we should and shouldn’t focus on.


Got a Petty Tyrant in Your Life? You Should!

A petty tyrant is someone who has the ability to irritate and annoy us to distraction. An example of this is someone who you must interact with in your life – like your spouse’s business partner, an in-law, your father, or a client. Now, you could allow them to annoy you – or you could get over yourself, stop judging that person and trying to make them wrong – and just accept them and even love them, just the way they are!


Are You Suffering From Terminal Mediocrity?

For me – to be audacious is an act of boldness or daring. It’s the total disregard for conventional thought or restrictions. And I believe that most of us are suffering from the deadly and contagious disease of terminal mediocrity. And as a physician that’s my personal diagnosis.
Each one of us came into this world with specific talents and gifts. It’s simply the result of being the ray of light that each of us are. From the time we were small we’ve been squelching that uniqueness just to be loved, validated, and approved of, and most folks don’t even realize they’ve been doing that.