Webinar: 5 Steps to Uplevel Your Image + Brand

So tell me…

What story am I telling?

  • When was the last time you evaluated whether your image was in ALIGNMENT with your company brand and message?
  • Have you been interested in upleveling your image for a while now, but have NO IDEA what to do?
  • Do you ever get a headache thinking about what you should wear on stage, for your videos, livestreams or Google hangouts?
  • Does your website + personal image convey professionalism AND say that you’re the authority in your area of expertise?
  • Have you ever considered that your image + look might be LOSING YOU customers and income?

If your look doesn’t match your branding – without realizing it you’re creating a huge gap between what you’re projecting on your website (hopefully you’ve got that branded!) and what you are projecting physically (and verbally).  Because otherwise – what’s going to fall into that gap are YOUR missed clients and lost income.

So why take the time to cultivate a business brand that highlights your authenticity and heart-felt message if you’re not following through and extending that branding to your actual image?

So I want to ask you – have you ever wondered if and how your image might be affecting your bottom line?

If the answer is no – I want to change that right now
because I believe that you absolutely SHOULD be wondering!

Who needs to attend this class?

Anyone who gets on a live or virtual stage, who uses video, livestreams, or Google hangout’s to market their business.  If you want your personal style to authentically match your brand, and if you want to uplevel your image so that you attract more ideal clients and make more money – you need to be on this call.

What are we going to cover?

What are you going to learn? Well, by the end of this webinar:

  • You’ll get clear on the mistakes you’re making with your “look” that are costing you money, conversions, and clients.
  • You’ll know why your image + vibe needs to be in perfect alignment with your brand so that people WANT to buy from you.
  • You’ll understand many of the mindset issues that prevent us from upleveling and blind us from seeing how others perceive us.
  • You’ll see my 5 step process in action: I’ll have someone LIVE in the hot seat with me working on her image! And don’t underestimate this experience thinking this is a bunch of fluff – it is super powerful!! You are going to learn an amazing amount about YOURSELF through this person’s process.

BONUS: One lucky listener will be chosen to join me live in the hot seat where I’ll give you valuable tips to uplevel your image. This live assessment could literally save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue!

If you want to uplevel your image LIVE on the webinar and are willing to be in the hot seat – email me right now with your name and website at  drsheri@sherirosenthal.com – and you might be the one I pick! What a fabulous + fun opportunity!

Sheri, what do I need to do to join?

Register RIGHT Now To Secure Your Seat +
Mark Your Calendar For
Monday December 2nd @ 9:00am Pacific, 12noon Eastern, 5pm Greenwich Time

Ready to uplevel? Sign up now!

What should I wear?I’ll be talking for about 50 minutes and then answering questions for about 10-15 minutes – so bring your best questions!

This webinar will be taking place on the web.

Keep in mind that I only have space for 20 people to call in (if you can’t get in front of the computer at that time). As you can imagine those spots will go fast so I suggest you call in early or plan to get yourself in front of a computer if that’s your situation.

If you need to change your schedule do so – be there if you want YOUR questions answered!

See you there!