Journey to Bhutan

Figuring out who you are + what you stand for

I want to get very honest with you about my process since I re-launched my business January 2013. The reason I want to share this with you is twofold. First because I feel the numerous changes that I’ve gone through with my website might be confusing, and because I feel there is a huge lesson that can be learned from my journey. One that might seriously change the way you feel about your business and your process.

Breakthrough Sessions

Want to get unstuck + crystal clear in your life + business so you can stop sabotaging your success? A Breakthrough Clarity Session is the perfect venue for getting a deeper understanding of what's ailing you and for creating a plan to get you past your sticking points - fast!
Vivacious Life Design

Ready to design the life you’ve been dreaming of? Excellent! If you’re tired of a mediocre life and business but you’re not sure how to move past it, and if you know in your heart that there’s more to life – more creativity, energy, joy, abundance + connection (but aren’t sure how to find it), this is for you.
Business Blueprint

Want to get your passion and purpose to pay with a practical plan and support? Imagine a bodacious coaching program with the focused intent of whipping you + your business into shape while building your unique platform totally from the heart.