Why Sushi Making is Just Like Life…

Recently I gathered together with some of my dear friends and we boldly expressed ourselves through the medium of Sushi.

Now I can’t say that the rolls were exactly round (or square), or that the fish was cut properly.

I do think a couple of the hand rolls sagged, and I am personally responsible for some oddly cut carrot slices.


However, it was wonderful to dine on a plateful of wonky rolls and strange little sushi squares!

It reminded me that we can do anything and it doesn’t have to be perfect. We just have to take action even if we are feeling nervous or uncertain.

For example, creating a successful business is not unlike making Sushi. If we wait around for things to be exactly right we’ll never start anything – especially those of us who crave perfection!

And diving into that big bowl of sticky rice, well – it was very reminiscent of diving into life.

It was messy.

There was no way to tell if the outcome was going to be pretty or tasty.

There was no way to know if our rolls would be laughed at.

There was a good chance someone might lose a finger (I was a surgeon so I have VERY sharp knives).

The only thing we were certain of was the fact that we were clueless. But we laughed, ate, and learned a lot. It was fun – just like most things can be in life if we allow them to be.

Whatever you are creating in your life right now – do it boldly, audaciously, and with all the joy in your heart.

Oh, do let me know if you’ve ever made Sushi before! 🙂

To your audacious life,

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