What makes me feel REALLY sick

I’m normally a very calm person (although admittingly a tad impatient). And after all my years of spiritual training I’m rarely angry, and I absolutely abhor feeling victimized no matter what occurs in my life.

But there’s one thing that still makes me sick to my stomach – and that’s when people live their lives devoid of meaning, passion, and amazement. How anyone possibly squander their gifts and live in mediocrity not becoming the best that they can be?

And even worse – how can we allow all those people who we were meant to interact with us suffer because we were too afraid to step up to the challenge of obliterating the obstacles that were on our road to greatness?

Selfishness is all it is.

This can occur on all financial levels of life – from the corporate CEO who has a seemingly amazing life but is not living his or her dream – to the newly divorced single mother who who has an awesome idea but is too afraid to move beyond security to birth it. It can occur to someone trapped in an oppressive culture where they are judged severely if they attempt any action to move beyond their appointed role in life.

Most obstacles live deep within in our minds, whether they are large or small, internal, cultural, or national beliefs. They can be on every level – from being afraid to wear a fabulous suit and new hairstyle because we don’t feel we can, to transcending physical disabilities, to not feeling capable of moving beyond the views of our religion or culture.

Case in point, when I was growing up nice Jewish girls could be doctors, lawyers or business people and marry nice Jewish boys who were doctors, lawyers or business people.

I did both – I became a doctor and I married a Jewish businessman.

It didn’t work.

I married another Jewish businessman and I still stayed in medicine.

That didn’t work either.

I finally got smart and stopped blaming, making excuses, and trying to make everyone else happy and instead followed my heart.

That IS working. (PS: both my husbands were great – but not for me.)

All of us have dreams and talents that are tested every day – yet why do some folks triumph under the most difficult circumstances while others see only excuses and obstacles? Good question.

That said, I want you to watch this video below.

I want you to feel this incredible woman’s energy and inner peace – her lack of blame or victimization, her optimism, her boldness, her confidence, her truth, her fearlessness, her desire to make change, and her unwavering focus on unfolding her dream while never really knowing exactly how she was going to make it all happen.

The bottom line is she didn’t have to know (and neither do you) exactly how to achieve that dream – she only had to have FAITH that what was in her heart was real and to take ACTION everyday.

You can FEEL her passion and purpose, the level of meaning in her life, and her deep joy and love.

When you’re done watching this video I want to know what touched you about Kakenya’s story (please post below) AND what action you’re going to take TODAY to further and uplevel your dream fearlessly, boldly, lovingly.

Because if you change YOUR mind (aka beliefs), and you show up fully present and take action, you WILL change your life AND the world.

So if this video has inspired you and you want to brainstorm about how to uplevel your life and realize your dreams, let’s chat and make it happen!

Truly, nothing would make me happier. Here’s the link to book a free breakthrough session with me. 🙂

To your remarkable life,

PS: I want to admit I lied to you earlier.

There’s a another thing that as a woman and a doctor makes me sick to my stomach and makes me want to scream – and that’s genital mutilation and the belief that women are not worth it. (You might have to watch this video on your computer if it does not show up on your ipad/iphone)

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