Sacred Sanctuary or Malevolent Maelstrom?

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I believe that the state of your living space reflects the state of your mind. Am I on to something here – I think I am.

These days – it’s critical that your home be your personal sanctuary. That it be the place that you can retreat to after a long day in the trenches of life. But if you walk through your door and your place looks like WW III just took place, papers are all over every surface of the house, the closets are filled to the brim, the fridge is a science project, stuff is stuffed under the bed – you’re never going to be able to fully unwind, recharge and chill-out.

To live a truly audacious life it’s critical to remove all limiting and conflicting thoughts, be clear about the direction we are going in life and have a plan on how to execute the actions necessary to create the desired outcomes. We can’t do that if our homes are as filled to the as brim clutter as our minds are.

There’s a reason why most monasteries, ashrams and cloisters are austere and basic. By simplifying one’s surroundings and taking the focus off all the stuff and clutter, one can expand ones consciousness, quiet and empty the ego-mind, and better connect with infinite consciousness. AKA god/spirit/source, whatever language you prefer.

Now – it’s obvious that most of us do not live a monastic life style – however we can learn from that model and take from it the most salient points and apply them to our lives.

So I have three questions for you to answer:

  1. Have you surrounded yourself by beauty or clutter? By this I mean are the walls of your home covered with art that makes your heart sing – or just any old pictures placed there just to cover the walls? Do you have a carefully curated collection of items throughout your home that evokes a particular set of feelings inside you – or do have a house filled with meaningless tschotskes? Your life and living space is like a beautiful painting – you get to chose what’s desirable in your painting and what’s an eyesore.
  2. Do you have a once-a-year ritual for cleaning out your closets and letting go of what is old and no longer used? Truly, your closet is like your mind – and if you don’t let go of what is no longer serving you there won’t be room for what’s new and fresh to enter your life. It’s remarkable – but I’ve seen people clean out their closets and then watch everything in their life shift. Trust me on this one.
  3. Do you have systems in place to process the amount of junk that enters your home on a daily basis? I am an absolute believer in systems and since I entered menopause I can’t even imagine what my life would look like without them. For example, as soon as I pick up the mail I open and sort it. Bills go into the bill folder to be paid (if they are not signed up for auto-pay) – and nonsense goes into the trash. I realized long ago it’s best if I don’t order piles of magazines. I don’t have time to read them and it only creates piles of paper in the house. But if you absolutely can’t do without your subscriptions get them on your ipad and save a tree.

So I’d love to hear what you do to create sanctuary in your home – so if you’ve got some great tips do share them – we can all benefit from your wisdom!

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