Living a Life of Awe, Ecstasy, Illumination & Inspiration!

I’m on a mission.

Man at waters edgeThat’s right – I want to stamp out mediocrity, boredom, comfort zones and all other destroyers of awesomeness.

It’s shocking how many people in western society are unhappy even though they have so much material wealth. Having stuff is certainly nice – don’t get me wrong, I love my beautiful home – but I don’t look to it to create my happiness. It’s only there to enhance beauty in my life and to be one of my creative outlets.

After 8 years of studying with my spiritual teacher, 11 years of working with clients, and over 35 years of travel (11 years owning a travel agency) – I have come to understand what makes an amazing life.

I know this sounds like a strange combination of qualifications for my mission – but truly, it’s perfect. I’ve listened to thousands of people share with me how unhappy they are (while feeling guilty for doing so since there was “no real reason” for them to be unhappy considering all they had).

I’ve traveled around the world and met people who have literally nothing yet stand in awe of life. I’ve experienced absolute perfection and bliss in the many transcendent moments during my spiritual path.

So what makes an amazing life? How do we move from an occasional transcendent moment to creating the kind of life where we feel awestruck everyday of our lives? I know what you’re thinking. It’s not possible to be in that state all day, everyday – right?


I’ve experienced this state myself and I know it is absolutely possible and in fact, it is our birthright as humans. The key is to create a re-frame, to learn how to create life not by default but by conscious choice, carefully curating what we want to bring into our lives and how we want to express ourselves.

The more boldly we choose to act, the more authentically we choose to show up, and the more definitively we choose to step beyond our comfort zone and live on the edge – the more vibrant, fulfilling, meaningful, and alive life becomes.

Man and pyramid
BTW – that’s WHY I choose to include travel in my coaching practice (amongst other interesting experiences!) – to encourage folks to move beyond the known and get comfortable in the unlimited possibilities that exist only in the realm of uncertainty.

To illustrate what I am talking about I invite you to watch this fabulous video below by Jason Silva (a wonderfully crazy, geeky, futuristic filmmaker). The truth of this video brings me to tears every time I see it.

Jason says we have a responsibility to awe.

He says that awe is an experience of such perceptual vastness you literally have to reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it. And I agree.

To experience radiant ecstasy, rapture, illumination, and inspiration we must get out of our comfort zone. We must change our perception so that the world becomes new, fascinating, fulfilling, amazing.

After watching the video – post your feelings below. Let me know if you desire awe in your life and let me know if you are willing to step out on the ledge of life to get it. And if so, would you give me the honor of helping you get there?

New times are now available in my calendar for us to have a heart-to-heart chat about your current life direction and to take action to transform it with passion + purpose AND awe. 🙂

What are you waiting for?

Picture of man at the water’s edge thanks to “Mike” Michael L. Baird,, and the picture of the man by the pyramids thanks to Tinou Bao

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