Kudos + Praise


Nancy MayerThank you very much Dr. Sheri for an awesome VIP session. I really appreciate your ability to know exactly which technique works for each client – the way we started with one process and as it was not working was able to shift to something else that would help create a more valuable insight. And I did get some very valuable insights into how the brain works and what we need to do if we want to change behaviors.

I feel I was able to mentally re-frame a lot of stuff and move forward into a more positive and task-oriented approach. I like the way you were able to identify certain issues through the way I use language. These new insights will help me become a better entrepreneur and be much more open to receiving financial results. Your ability to cut through the crap and focus with laser intensity on the key things that matter is amazing! My image of myself both internally and externally have shifted for the best.
Nancy Mayer – Chief CEO at Power Play PS

Karen RohlfSheri has been a mentor and personal development inspiration of mine for many years. She has helped me understand myself, which is what allows me to create the life I dream of!

My recent intensive with Sheri focused on taking my confidence and skills to the next level for my business. It seems there is no aspect of my life that Sheri can’t help me with! I am so grateful to know her.
Karen Rohlf | Trainer Dressage Naturally

Heather Esposito“I’ve been around enough coaches and have experienced many who talk to you in a way that have made me feel like I have so far to go and have left me more overwhelmed than before I talked with them. That wasn’t the case with Sheri.

Sheri helped me to see some of my blind spots in my life – specifically how I was sabotaging my own success and she did so in a way that never left me feeling “less than.” I was able to see how the “stories” I had around my business were also affecting my personal life. Sheri was completely relatable and shared her own successes and struggles, which reminded me that I am not alone in this journey.

At the end of our call, I had actionable steps that I was able to implement immediately, which will help to improve my ability to reach women who are struggling with no energy to get through each day. Thank you Sheri for your time and your wisdom!”

~ Heather Esposito, MS, CHHC, Chef | Food and Wellness Coach

Meghan Gilroy“Sheri is a dynamo. With her vast wisdom and knowledge, she challenges you to see a larger vision of yourself while supplying you with practical tools that produce immediate results – all with a gleam in her eye and dazzling smile.

I’ll admit that booking a session with Sheri was a financial stretch – but I was tired of floundering. Yet within two weeks, I had already re-couped my investment. If you are ready to take your life or business to the next level, I implore you to let Sheri work her magic with you!”

~ Meghan Gilroy Shaman Girl + Transformational Life Coach

Catherine Just“Sheri’s ability to really cut through my stories and beliefs and get right to the heart of the matter is awe inspiring. Sheri gave me the insight, clarity, tools and support I needed to really change areas in my life where I was suffering.

I cannot say enough about how amazing my life is now as a result of the work I’ve done with Sheri. She is a true master. Bringing forth all the wisdom she holds – wrapped in a powerful energy of love that soothes you as you see yourself for who you truly are. When you are seen with the eyes of love, your life is forever changed. If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with her, it’s time!”

~ Catherine Just | Award winning photographer

Kathy Knowles“The time that I spent with Sheri during my personal intensive was truly life changing. Who would think that just four days would do that? I certainly wasn’t expecting the end result to be so powerful.

Sheri has a direct but compassionate way of working with you that opens your eyes to what really is ~ without all of the emotion and dogma attached.

Moving deep inside yourself can be a scary thing, but she was there every step of the way with guidance and encouragement. Sheri gave me tools to take action and create my dream!”
~ Kathy Knowles | Professional Training & Intuitive Coaching

Edita Atteck“I met Sheri virtually on a brief clarity consultation. You would think a short period of time is not enough to understand someone’s circumstances or challenges, correct?

Think twice!

I was really touched by Sheri’s open heart, the willingness to share her wisdom, and readiness to offer insights from her own experiences and challenges. She was addressing all issues with laser like precision and shared with me tools that helped her achieve her own goals. I am deeply grateful Sheri.”

~ Edita Atteck | Wellness + Transformational Coach

“Sheri is the gift who keeps on giving! Her insights and careful way of communicating them continue to resonate with me, a year after the Intensive.

The Intensive was a great experience, very positive; one way to sum it up is that I appreciated Sheri’s ability to be rational and thus “reach out” to me. One of the important points that I got was that there is a lot more to life than rationalism. Sheri is a great teacher and I look forward to seeing her again.”

~ Steve Black