Are You Guilty of Care-taking?

CLICK TO TWEET: So when is it time for you? Ain’t no body happy if mama ain’t happy – and the only one who’s in charge of that task is YOU.

Women have a pattern of behavior I find quite interesting.  It’s not our fault per se – it’s something that’s been domesticated into us from the time we’re small. Especially if you’re over 45.

I’m talking about care-taking. That means taking care of everyone else in your life first – and putting yourself at the bottom of the list. I’m aware that not every woman does this – but I can say with certainty that the majority of us do to varying degrees.

Biologically we’re programmed to take care of our children – and for humans that is a looooooong process! If you do something the same way for 18 years – for sure that’s going to be a pretty difficult habit to break. We also care for aging parents, our partners and our pets.

So when is it time for you?

When is it time to stop spending every extra dime on everyone else and start investing deeply in yourself, your dream, and your life? One thing I know for certain is ain’t no body happy if mama ain’t happy – and the only one who’s in charge of that task is YOU.

I don’t care how old you are or aren’t – it’s never too late to create an audacious and magical life for yourself. And it’s never too late to create that business or dream you’ve always wanted to! I can’t tell you the number of women who are in the middle of their life that have no idea of the direction they want to go – or even how to begin to figure that out. Wow. That’s a serious issue.

Perhaps the kids are finally out of the house, maybe you just got let go from your corporate job, perhaps that inauthentic marriage is finally over, or a special partner or loved one has passed from your life. Whatever the situation, in all likelihood you’ve got at least another 40 years to go in your life – keeping in mind that the average woman lives to at least 80 years of age if not 100 these days.

So what you are going to do – sit around in a rocking chair watching your life go by? Are you going to continue to live your life vicariously through everyone else? Or are you going to take a chance, believe in yourself, and invest the time and money into creating a sustainable, audacious life for yourself filled with new challenges that constantly feed your soul and invigorate your heart?

Look, I’ve been a doctor, a spiritual teacher, and now I’ve re-branded and changed direction yet again and I’m 55. So don’t tell me you’re too old to be starting from scratch because I have no patience for indulging that kind of limiting, non-truthful, mumbo-jumbo. And neither should you because that’s a serious lack of self-respect!!

I learned something quite profound while I was practicing medicine from my 90+ year old patients. Over and over they’d remind me to live my life without regrets and fully live life my way regardless of what anyone else thought about it. That kind of talk gave me the courage to leave my practice back in 1999.

So ladies, what are you waiting for?

I for one am on a mission to stamp out mediocre lives and encourage every person to reach their awesome potential before it’s too late. So I want to hear from you – are you a caretaker? Have you been sublimating your dreams for so long your can’t even remember them? Do you think it’s too late to start something new?

Are you ready for the next chapter of your life? I’d love to know what’s been on your mind. And remember – what you share below could change someone life – so don’t forget to post below.

To your success,
PS: More women than men are caregivers: an estimated 66% of caregivers are female. One-third (34%) take care of two or more people, and the average age of a female caregiver is 48.0. The gender balance shifts to close to equal participation among 18 to 49 year-old-care recipients (47% of caregivers are male), while among the 50+ recipients, it tips to females (32% male, 68% female). [The National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP (2009), Caregiving in the U.S. National Alliance for Caregiving. Wash, DC.- Updated: Nov 2012]

On the days that they did household activities, women spent an average of 2.6 hours on such activities, while men spent 2.1 hours. On an average day, 19 percent of men did housework—such as cleaning or doing laundry—compared with 48 percent of women. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Dept of Labor]

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